12 Bar Box - Protein Bar Peanut Butter

12 Bar Box - Protein Bar Peanut Butter

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GET IN SHAPE Pure Organic Raw Protein Bar Peanut Butter (12 pcs. x 1.06oz./30g)

This is the first raw bar with such a high content of protein. A very precious blend of some of the richest plant sources of proteins - rice, hemp, and pea. Whole organic ingredients! Your favorite peanut butter flavor, in soft texture, with playful crispy cacao nibs. It is luscious, nutritious and makes you feel full! *Optional: make a smoothie (see recipe))

Ingredients: Dates*, Pea Protein*, Rice Protein*, Coconut Blossom Nectar*, Peanut Crispy Butter**, Cashew*, Cаcао Nibs*, Hemp Protein*, Sea Salt. *Organic and Raw, **Organic. Contains: Cashew, Peanuts, and Coconut. May contain occasional pieces of fruit pits, nutshells, and other nuts.



100 ml water + 1 bar
200 ml water + 2 bars
300 ml water + 3 bars
400 ml water + 4 bars

Break the Bar(s) to pieces, add water,
plant milk, juice, kombucha or other beverage.

Blend well for 1 minute!


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