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12 Bar Box - Energy Bar Peanut Butter, Nuts & Cаcаo Nibs

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GET IN SHAPE Pure Organic Raw Energy Bar Peanut Butter, Nuts & Cаcаo Nibs (12 pcs. x 1.06oz./30g)

“This is Heavenly.” The soft texture of dates, melange with melting peanut butter, so tastefully combined with crushed crunchy raw cacao nibs and nuts that one could not resist the temptation! The cacao savor is delightfully embracing this piece of earth’s treasures, so that when you open the package… It’s first the nose, and then you can’t stop before you finish it, daring for more.!

Ingredients: Dates*, Cashew*, Peanut Crispy Butter**, Cаcао Nibs*, Almonds*, Cаcао Powder*, Cаcао Butter*, Sea Salt. *Organic and Raw, **Organic. Contains: Cashew, Almonds, Peanuts. May contain occasional pieces of fruit pits, nutshells, and other nuts.



100 ml water + 1 bar
200 ml water + 2 bars
300 ml water + 3 bars
400 ml water + 4 bars

Break the Bar(s) to pieces, add water,
plant milk, juice, kombucha or other beverage.

Blend well for 1 minute!


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